Thank you

Thank you for the tireless work you do. Thank you for doing it despite the amount of hate you’ll receive — hate, the dispersal of which is the entire point of your work. Thank you for standing with other marginalized groups (indigenous peoples, south asian peoples, etc.), and for advocating for their lives as well as for black lives. For acknowledging all the places where black identities intersect with other identities, and speaking for all of them (not just cishet black identities).

As a rape survivor, thank you for asserting that NOT MANY of us feel comfortable going to the police in times of crisis; that institutionally, they protect bad behaviour and cannot be trusted to treat people with respect. Thank you for asserting that their guns and badges and uniforms — triggering for so many — have no place on a float at Pride, or anywhere were the optics of reparation are more important than the day-to-day work being done.
Thank you for showing all of us (I am a cishet white woman, I was able to live in my blind whiteness, my blinding whiteness, for far too long) that things in Toronto aren’t okay; that things in Canada are just as broken as elsewhere; that not recognizing these systems of oppression allows them to continue to flourish.
You are doing such important work.

Thank you.

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