Thank You


Thank you for having the courage to say, in a way that can`t be ignored, that floats and murals don`t undo years of police brutality and have no business being at Pride especially when they haven`t been prefaced with substantive action and with accountability. Thank you for demanding ASL interpreters and for thinking of other people as well when you put yourself on the line.

In short, thank you for having our collective queer backs. I don`t know if many queers recognize this, and I have heard that you have been receiving a lot of hate mail about Pride. I am sorry, and want to tell you how appreciative, admiring and grateful some of us are for the work you do. Many of us realize that you are an organization comprised of real people doing difficult work, and would like to somehow support that work in meaningful ways.

When I get home tonight from work I can send a small email transfer (which will be something that I can afford, so probably not that great!), but I`d like to be of more assistance (in respectful, non-obstrusive, non-appropriative ways) in other practical and meaningful capacities. 

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