Sending you love & $$

My partner and I are sickened by the pure hatred and violent backlash that the Black Lives Matter Toronto organization is facing after the sit in at Toronto Pride.
What you did was brilliant. We are a queer couple living in Halifax, NS and we were so excited when our Facebook feeds lit up with the news that the parade had been disrupted by BLM. The reaction you are receiving is a HUGE wake up to those who think the fight for rights is over or that racism is not a real thing here in Canada. Pride has really lost its way and while pockets of people are working all over to claim it back, NO ONE can touch what you all did. No one. You shut that shit down.
Fuck white, gay, capitalist Pride. Fuck Mathieu Chantelois. Fuck the police and their pink washing of queer spaces while policing of queer bodies and POC. Fuck all the privileged assholes that are taking up your time and making this necessary and revolutionary act about them.
We’ve been sharing articles and critical discussion in support of BLM TO on social media but it’s not feeling like anywhere near enough. We’d like to make a donation and encourage others we know to do so as well. We’re a one income family but I figure our small donation and encouragement to others to put their outrage where their wallet is, can make some difference. I can’t seem to find anything on line. I’m sorry to take up your time with this request when you’re inundated. I wanted to counter the hate with a positive message to you all.
In solidarity