Pride Parade…Again, so proud

Shut down and mash it up!!!

I will never stop praying for your protection, wisdom and knowledge

You laid down your lives and that is love. 

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God bless everyone you! 

Stay strong and encourage each other

We need to move away from a culture of punishment and terror and move towards a culture of care and dignity. We need less policing and more social services. Any person who will shoot someone seven times in the back is not shooting to slow someone down. They are shooting to kill.

Black people constantly live in fear and are faced with systemic, institutional, and individual racism every day around the world, but we must continue to galvanize these tragic moments into collective action. Blake and his family need us to lift his name up as he fights to keep his life.

We must continue to unite in defense of Black people and stand with those calling for the immediate dismantling of anti-Black racism in this country, which includes defunding the police and the racially charged agenda to overpolice and criminalize our Black bodies and communities.

We must honor the lives of Black people stolen from us by law enforcement. We say their names and continue to hold our government, elected officials, allies, and adversaries accountable to these murders and attempted murders until there is national legislation and policies passed that uplift Black folks and invest in our communities, so that we are all able to breathe freely.
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