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I’ve been to the Love Letters page and don’t see a way to leave one.  So I thought I’d write.  While it was Pride’s parade and their day, I don’t have a problem with BLM standing up and demanding inclusion.  Neither organisation is against the other and those who are oppressed need to stand together.  I am a white Canadian living in Canada, but I’ve known enough Black people who have demonstrated extraordinary love & talent in their lives and I could not fail to stand together with BLM in face of the horrors brought to them by Police forces across the U.S. and to a lesser but still real extent here in Canada.
I think there’s going to be a civil war in the U.S. and the 1% know it all too well.  The war should be about economic equality and anti-poverty.  That would bring down the existing establishment and allow for a new economy, with a more egalitarian structure to be built in it’s place.  If it could be done peacefully instead, that would be best.  What the 1% are trying to do is make it to be a race war, and after poor Blacks & poor Whites are finished killing one another, the same people will still be in charge and business will resume as usual.  Nothing will change.
I have seem Black people showing tremendous restraint in the face of terrible provocation, all across the continent.  First Nations groups as well are suffering, with native women murdered & disappearing in large numbers.  The Gay community is making progress, although still with some road to travel.  They can be legally married now.
I hope there is room to stand beside you, and it won’t be Black people alone, but all the people standing together demanding equality.  I’m going to do what I am able to do to help where help is needed.  I will agitate for BLM as I am able and in the social media.
I am with the NDP in Nova Scotia and our new leader, Gary Burrell  who is like our version of Bernis Sanders.  There are some very bad times coming and many lies being told, but while I still draw breath I will stand up for whatever is honest, loving and decent.  I support BLM and look forward to the day when we can all stand together in peace and joy.  I feel this very strongly.

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