Deep Appreciation & loving energy (& Free yoga and energy work)

Peace Dear Beings,

Just a note of deep appreciation and loving energy for your beings.

Acknowledging how as a brown queer person I benefit for your knowledge, lives, actions and your calls for justice.

I can only imagine the pain, the hurt, the rightful rage, the vulnerability, and the hope and belief in all you do and in the face of the backlash from the events at Pride and the continual violence Black folks endure.

Although I cannot  be at rallies and actions, I support you all whole-heartedly.


I’m not on social media much, but on fb I added that the yoga sessions I offer in Dufferin Grove Park ( on wed at 6:30) are Free and available for all Black and Indgenous folks this summer. The sessions are “trauma”-informed and help nourish the nervous system.

If this can be of service to you or folks want a specialized closed session elsewhere I can support this way.

Also, if recieving energy work/rieki/pranic or attmic energy healing is of assistance to any of you, BLMTO folks, or your circles I can offer this as well.

I know there are brilliant and powerful Black energy workers and yogi folks out there too, but imagine that they too may be needing nourishment and love during this time (and always). Still if it would be more nourishing for your beings to recieve from Black practitioners I totally understand.

In love and solidarity wishing you all deep peace in this journey