Your recent letter re: Pride

Dear Chief Saunders, I’m writing to express my disappointment after reading your recent open letter (, specifically in your dismissal of the actions taken by Black Lives Matter activists at the Toronto Pride parade. Toronto pride shows that our win is for best casino online in canada. You frame the BLM action as being motivated[…]

Letter to Police Chief Saunders

Dear Chief Saunders, I am writing to you today to express my deep concern and frustration about the internal letter you sent to your officers regarding the tragic shooting in Dallas, and about your response to Black Lives Matter TO in general. In your letter you accuse BLMTO of making inaccurate, irresponsible, and inflammatory statements,[…]

Sending Support from Rhythms of Resistance

Hello Black Lives Matter Toronto! We are writing from Rhythms of Resistance (ROR) to stand in solidarity with BLMTO — below is the statement we’re publicly releasing to announce and describe that solidarity. Rhythms of Resistance Toronto stands unequivocally with Black Lives Matter Toronto.  As activists, as agents of anti-oppression, and as individuals with conscience[…]