With Love…

Hi BLMTO, I was at the parade on Sunday just a little downstream from the sit-in and you’ve given me lots to think about. When I read today that you’ve been receiving a deluge of hate mail, I knew I had to send a note of support. As a white gay guy aware of both[…]

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Dear Black Lives Matter Toronto, My name is Isaac Tamblyn. I just wanted to send a note saying that I have been really shocked and saddened to see the vitriol and name calling that has been directed at your group recently.  I read that you have been receiving hate mail; I think this is totally[…]

thank you

As a trans (agender), gay, feminist, white person, I would like to say thank you. I am shocked by all of the hate and backlash that you got because of your peaceful protest (btw, the rainbow smoke was badass). I recognize my privilege and know that I do not and will never understand what your[…]


Hi, I read in the Star that you received a lot of hate mail. I am sorry about that, sorry that so many white queer folks are so ignorant, entitled and racist. I just wanted to let you know that you have all my support. What you do is important for everybody, even those who[…]

Thank you for the teaching

Hi there, I was just reading in the news that you guys are getting a fair bit of nasty mail, and I wanted to send you a love note to help balance that out. I don’t know enough about what’s going on in Toronto or for Black people in general, though I’m learning more because[…]

Stay Strong!

If they cared and were so inclusive, then why were women and children pushed a shoved in front of police headquarters…I thought they understood? Hmm…. This is why I pray for your protection, for wisdom, and for knowledge. All of you have changed the world…and they don’t like what they gonna have to get use[…]