Y’all are amazing

Hello BLM-TO, Just wanted to send a letter of appreciation for all the work you do. Ya’ll are one of the most important groups in Toronto now in my opinion. I also know how inclusive and powerful Tent city was. And support your action at Pride.

Right on, <3 <3 <3

Thank you for all the hard work you’re doing. BLM-TO’s activism is a credit to our city. I wish everyone would see that. Trying to help on that front, though it’s not much compared to what you’re all doing. All the power. Lots of love.

Just Thank-yous!

Hi there, I wanna say, thank you for the work you’re doing. Thank you for working toward justice for my poc chosen family, and *all* the lovely people who deserve justice. I send you love <3 I care about your well being, mental and physical. I recognize that this is difficult and taxing work. You[…]

love note!

hi BLM-TO! your magic is out of control. thank you for what you do. thank you as a white queer sick person for your actions at pride – we are all affected by policing in different ways and what you are doing is so fucking important to all of us. i stand in solidarity with[…]

Thank You

Dear BLMTO, Thank you for having the courage to say, in a way that can`t be ignored, that floats and murals don`t undo years of police brutality and have no business being at Pride especially when they haven`t been prefaced with substantive action and with accountability. Thank you for demanding ASL interpreters and for thinking[…]

you were badass at pride

hey BLM folks, I wasn’t at pride but heard about your action & saw the video on your facebook page – thanks for reminding the complacent among us that we still have work to do, and of the true roots of pride celebrations. I hope this can propel things forward in a better direction &[…]


Hey Black Lives Matter, I just wanted to send a little love note to say how much I respect the work you’ve done this year, with a special nod towards the Pride Parade protest. What brilliant bravery. I’d like to offer my support and time if there is a way you think I could be[…]

Thank you

Thank you for the tireless work you put into everything you have accomplished. Thank you for your action this weekend to make pride safe and whole. I can’t donate right now as I’m still recovering from living on the street but I am not black so i will definitely do so starting in the near[…]

In Solidarity

Dear Black Lives Matter Toronto, I’m a queer Asian cisgendered male who used to live in Toronto a few years ago.  I’m writing to support your recent action at the Pride Parade in Toronto.  I support your campaign for queer people of colour, especially in opposition to police brutality and violence against minority communities.  I[…]

Love Mail

Hi there black lives matters folks, I heard that you have been getting a lot of hate mail and I wanted to send you some love mail. I have been totally inspired by your activism, by how skillful, political, organized and awesome you are. I have been talking to friends about you and posting about[…]