Your recent letter re: Pride

Dear Chief Saunders, I’m writing to express my disappointment after reading your recent open letter (, specifically in your dismissal of the actions taken by Black Lives Matter activists at the Toronto Pride parade. You frame the BLM action as being motivated by a desire to “drive a wedge” between the TPS and the LGBTQ[…]

Where is your Pride?

Dear Pride Toronto Co-Chairs, You’ve given me no choice but to boycott Pride next year since you are going back on a promise you made to our most marginalized communities, that shouldn’t have had to be made in the first place. Though I admit, with my head hung in shame, that my reaction was not[…]

Solidarity from New Zealand

Hi folk, I have been watching the genocide against PoC in the united states as it unfolds. My heart aches for you and my righteous anger is roaring. Every name on that long, growing list, every appropriation and derailmentof your cause, I shake my head in my hands. You are all AMAZING and STRONG and[…]

keep it up <3!

I read on the Queer Exchange Toronto group that you’ve been receiving a bunch of racist vitriol, so I wanted to counter that nonsense and tell you that what you’re doing is absolutely amazing (and that speech before the trans march was so everything). I’m so sorry you’re getting all this hate. You are doing[…]

Sending you love & $$

My partner and I are sickened by the pure hatred and violent backlash that the Black Lives Matter Toronto organization is facing after the sit in at Toronto Pride. What you did was brilliant. We are a queer couple living in Halifax, NS and we were so excited when our Facebook feeds lit up with[…]

Thank you

Thank you for the tireless work you do. Thank you for doing it despite the amount of hate you’ll receive — hate, the dispersal of which is the entire point of your work. Thank you for standing with other marginalized groups (indigenous peoples, south asian peoples, etc.), and for advocating for their lives as well[…]

A love note

I wanted to send you all a love note. I appreciate so much the work you are doing and admire greatly your dedication and strength. I hope to raise children as passionate and devoted to what is right as you. I hope that as you read the hate mail, work through condescending meetings and refusals[…]

Love Letters Page.

I’ve been to the Love Letters page and don’t see a way to leave one.  So I thought I’d write.  While it was Pride’s parade and their day, I don’t have a problem with BLM standing up and demanding inclusion.  Neither organisation is against the other and those who are oppressed need to stand together. […]

Love Letter

hello friends, thank you for all the work that you do, and for having the courage and stamina to do it. I’m so sorry that you have been receiving hate mail. It must be beyond awful. I support your group and your action at the Pride parade. I think that you should not listen to[…]